Installation of fire alarm systems.

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We have been servicing (maintenance of the system in working condition), installation of the automatic fire alarm system . If you care about the security of real estate building, the installation of fire alarm systems FAS will help you to minimize the risks of such situations on objects of any real estate building .


Often, the need to build a fire alarm system is dictated by the norms and standards of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In any case, the fire can detect fire at an early stage and to transmit a signal to the Security Panel or through communication channels at central station.

Fire alarm system is a complex of technical means to detect and prevent fire.

PV system includes the following components:

Control Panel: this is a centre where all the signals coming from the fire sensors, then transferred to the Executive devices (sirens, fire-extinguishing system or automatic devices). For example, for budgetary items, this may be the most simple devices with the control buttons on the device and without automated system outputs. More complex devices have their own control panel (external or internal), fire sensors, targeted and can control various devices (smoke removal, water, gas fire fighting).

In the fire system of all sensors are addressable and conventional. All sensors are used to detect a fire in the premises. But the addressable can be installed, and conventional can be installed by two in each it room. All of the fire alarm system are installed in accordance with the norms and rules of fire safety. We conduct maintenance of fire alarm systems. Many people think that it is a waste of time and money. But think of this: maintenance of fire alarm systems is maintenance of this system in good condition. We carry out maintenance in accordance with the model rules developed and approved by EMERCOM of RUSSIA. Maintenance is not wasted money, you can trust the fire safety professionals who know their business in fire safety.

We will assemble in the short term, will find all the necessary equipment. If you already have installed a fire alarm system, but it does not meet modern technical requirements, we will bring it to the desired solution. If you have already had the chance to chat with other business company on this issue, and you were not satisfied with price or turnaround time, we will fix the issue. Our specialists will offer the reasonable and moderate of maintenance, which will satisfy you. The specialists of our company have extensive experience in this area and are able to do any amount of work at different levels of complexity. Call us, we will answer any question on installation of fire alarm systems

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