PBX installation and maintenance.

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We have been servicing (maintenance system in working condition), installation (installation) PBX systems at the facilities. If you are interested in the convenience of modern communication, individual number, please contact us. Modern PBX allows you to divide a city number to several local and give every employee calls to city and take calls.

Let's say you have one landline number, and ten staff members, you need to purchase a PBX, connect a landline number, set the local line for employees. Install telephones optionally with the Secretary, and a phone dialer to distribute incoming calls to subscribers. If the caller knows the local Subscriber number, you can contact the Registrar as required without the Subscriber's Office.

We offer maintenance, installation of PBX systems.

Many people think that it is a waste of time and money, but no! Maintenance of mini ate means maintaining in good condition.

We carry out the maintenance of security signaling. Some people are sure that it is waste of time but NOT! The maintenance support of security signaling is system maintenance in good condition. If you have already applied for another companies and you were not satisfied with price, we are ready to treat this problem loyally. Specialists of our company have a wide experience in this field and are capable to execute any work of different level and complexity.

The specialists of our company have extensive experience in this area and are able to do any amount of work at different levels of complexity.




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