Installation and maintenance of alarm systems.

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We are engaged in maintenance (keeping the system running), installation of safeguarding system. If you are interested in the security of your property, choosing us you did the right choice.

What is the safeguarding system? It’s an electronic device which provides the security of our property from encroachment of others. The system is consists of: the basic – control panel (where all signals arriving from security sensors), the security panel is equipped with keyboard. Due to keyboard you can put the security “on” or “off”, and receive the invasion signals. Nowadays all the security panels can be operating by cell phone – you just need to know the password and security commands.

We carry out the installation of security system into a flat. What is necessary for this variant? Precisely know the client’s needs, the desire to secure itself from thieves and call to us. Usually two or three security sensory devices are installed in the apartment and the security panel with an access to mobile phone. It’s better to discuss first with our experts the type of security device. They can suggest some variants according to price and propose the optimum alternative for you. STANDARD SOLUTIONS

We carry out the security system montage into a cottage. The most important for cottage security is to protect entry levels, basements (if they are with windows). The main for security panel is controlling by cell phone. Getting alert information on cell phone and controlling by different devices. STANDARD SOLUTIONS.

We carry out the security system montage into a commercial real estate – into offices or retail facilities to provide the maximum security. The main here is to understand the amount of security zones and what we need to protect. Our experts can determine the security station model for you, calculate the price and install it. In general all the alerting signals are receiving by the private security and gatekeepers are react on alert signals.

We carry out the maintenance of security signaling. Some people are sure that it is waste of time but NOT! The maintenance support of security signaling is system maintenance in good condition. If you have already applied for another companies and you were not satisfied with price, we are ready to treat this problem loyally.

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