Installation and maintenance of video intercoms.

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We have been servicing (maintenance system in working condition), installation (installation) video intercoms. What is VoIP? It's a video monitor installed inside of the premises, and may be colored. It may be with recording on a memory card or not. Data detectors can support up to four calling panels installed outside of the premises. You can also install video cameras instead of calling. Video intercoms can be black and white images - appropriate for the budget. Multicast installed outside the premises and contain a hidden video camera and call-button/call key. For budget version it’s black and white. We carry out installation of the video entry control in the apartment. Is it important in this version? Originally, it is necessary to determine the vieotype and call Panel, cables and connections that link the video intercom with a ringing bar.

Then please call to our managers to choose what equipment would you like to see, and will be laid from the monitor to the call Panel. We carry out video entry control installation in the cottage. What is the difference in the video entry control installation in apartment and in a cottage? It should be noted that the difference is minimal, but electromagnetic or electromechanical lock only is installed on the cottages’ gate(entrance to the plot) Electromagnetic or electro mechanical lock is opened from the cottage(by pressing the button or the button located near the gates). TÈČ-reader memory controller is on the opposite side. So this is the difference. We carry out the video entry control installation of in the Office.

What is the doorman at the Office? As in the previous version it is special equipment to keep control. You can choose the type of video monitor on our site and set it inside the building. The outside panel is setted outside the door. At the very front door install door closer, which will not leave an open door, and he will bring it up to full closure? Next, please set up the electromagnetic lock, which will always keep the door closed. Please be informed that the electromagnetic lock is to keep the door open within a sudden jerk. The open door means that electromagnetic lock is not chosen 500 kg - is the maximum charge for opening the doors. The electromagnetic lock is opened by disappearance on the flock. It means that the 12 v can be on electromagnetic lock. When the voltage is 12 v – the lock will open. All it depends on the type of door and your precedence. Next, set on, please, the "exit" button.

When you click on, you can always get out of the room. The most important thing is the controller, by which you can always enter the Office through the reader at the entrance on the outside of the door. To log in you should have Office or card EM-marin(TÈČ-key memory). The controller compares the card code or key in its database and if they coincide with the door will open. We reviewed the video entry control Kit with access control In this version, and it will ensure full security from break-ins at the Office.

We perform maintenance video intercoms. What is the point of the service? This system is maintained in working order. The whole system can work for many years, if it is maintained in good condition.

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