Installation and technical support service of observation systems.

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We carry out technical support service and installation of observation systems. Why are you need the observation system? First of all, it is security system for visual control of valued site. It can be video surveillance installation for Moscow office, apartment, cottage. STANDARD SOLUTIONS.

The system of video surveillance is installed less often in apartment. Due to this system it is possible to conduct continuous outside control and videotaping can be kept on a hard disk, or to copy on the removable carrier and to represent a disputable situation in electronic form.

Also we carry out installation of system of video surveillance in office. What it is necessary to know before you decide to call to us? Over again it’s an amount of video cameras which is necessary to install (how many in the street and how many indoors), to choose the videotaping record periodicity (all the time, according to the schedule or according to the movement detector), further we will offer you the equipment you need and describe you the technical capabilities. We will sign the contract for installation of video surveillance and after an advance payment we will execute installation.

We carry out the installation of CCTV in the cottage. What you need to choose to observe the country estate? It’s street video surveillance that helps to control over territory and prevent the entry of thieves. It is better to choose a camcorder vandal (metal) with infrared illumination for outdoor installation.

If you need the installation of video surveillance please call us. The next step is – our specialists will recommend you the equipment you need, hereafter you’ll pay for it and we’ll install the CCTV .

We install video surveillance systems for the commercial real estate (market stalls , shops, offices, etc. . ) It is possible to prevent the theft using cameras located inside the premises on the retail floor . If there are any problems, you can always prove any thievery cases. We suggest the necessary equipment which will help you in a difficult situation.

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